“The Highlands”

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Location: The Highlands, Passage west, Cork.

Status: Complete

This was a renovation and extension to a brick house in an estate in passage west in cork. The lower level where the bedrooms where was extremely dark, uninviting and had no connection with the upper living areas. The design solution sought to make a connection both physically and visually between the two levels by scooping out an entire room to allow light to flood the whole lower level. A double height window was installed which now allows views to the sea that my client never enjoyed before. The rooms are now reorganized upstairs and downstairs, and a new double height den now replaces an underutilized bedroom.

Client Testimonial

Our New Home

Our family loves the location of our home but as we grew as a family the layout of the house no longer worked. Downstairs we had 5 small bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Upstairs was dark and again partitioned into small unconnected living spaces. We agonized over how we could transform the house into a home that would meet our needs. Edel our Architect gave us the vision and courage to make the transformation. Edel spent a lot of time listening to how we wanted to live in our home and the problems we had with the existing design. The design concept she proposed to us was a dramatic change and over a number of design review meetings she convinced us to have the courage to make the change . We are now living in the transformed house close to a year and it has dramatically changed our way of life. Our teenage daughters now have their own space for privacy and study and as a family we have a light infused common space that brings us together for meals and family time. Our only regret is why didn’t we do it earlier and the reason was we did not have the vision to see the design that would work for us until we met Edel.